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Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Hi, we wanted to get in touch with you about the current virus outbreak. You will no doubt have heard the advice from the government on the media. Please follow this advice at all times.

Our industry does not involve large gatherings of people so it is unlikely you will come in contact with the virus through your work, however it is only sensible to take precautions for both you and your clients safety.

In particular we are concerned about any cleaners or clients who may be vulnerable and we are writing to all to let them know we are there to support them and our cleaners.

We will inform all parties if anyone needs to self-isolate but until then the vast majority of clients want to keep the routine of their house being cleaned.

If you experience any symptoms, the current advice is to self-isolate, ie stay at home away from other people.

Do not go to your clients if you suspect you may have caught the virus, ring your doctor and follow their advice. Also please let us and your clients know.

Your Safety

Where possible wear gloves and ask the client to provide gloves if you do not have any.

If your client mentions that they or anyone else in their house are ill with the virus do not attend, instead let them know that they should contact their doctor and that you will be unable to attend till they are given the all-clear.

Let us know. Make sure to disinfect hard surfaces such as door handles etc. Wash your hands frequently.

Clients Safety

If you experience any symptoms do not go to your clients, tell them you are self isolating and also let us know.

This is of particular concern if you have vulnerable clients – elderly, ill etc.


Current guidelines are that the symptoms of the covid-19 virus are: A fever, a new continuous cough and difficulty breathing.

Maid2Clean and our clients rely on you week in and week out and we thank you for your continued support at this difficult time – it is much appreciated.