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Welcome to Maid2Clean Franchise in Ireland

Dedicated to making Maid2Clean Franchisees Successful

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"If you are genuinely interested in buying a business we urge you to conduct your due diligence thoroughly to avoid the mistake of 'buying a job' - like those offered in traditional cleaning franchises. With Maid2Clean we invite you to build a real residual income business instead. Maid2Clean is far more than "just a cleaning franchise." Mike Hanrahan (Franchisor)

This website is dedicated to showing you the amazing potential the proven Maid2Clean Franchise has to offer. Buying a Franchise is likely to be the most important decision you will make. The website contains lots of information and details of what is on offer to prospective franchisees. Maid2Clean is not a new franchise, it's a great business franchise for the right person. Residual income and business support are 2 of the primary reasons why franchisees select Maid2Clean. Our 100+ franchisees would not have purchased it had they not thought it's the top franchise in its field. We are in this with our franchisees for the long term - mutuality in our relationship is critical.

Do you want your own business with minimal risk? One that has a low operating cost but a high-profit margin from a low investment? Maid2Clean will work for you if you are interested in solving the ever growing domestic cleaner demand with your own Maid2Clean franchise.

Build a business while you work your job - like 55% of other Maid2Clean franchisees when they initially invested in their futures with Maid2Clean. No previous experience is necessary. More than 50% of the Maid2Clean territories have been sold in the UK so we have to turn down many people that inquire about a franchise in their area. That said, our selection criterion is not based on academic qualification but rather on an applicant's attitude and their determination to succeed. Mutuality is absolutely critical in a Maid2Clean Franchise - we, like our franchisees, are in this for the long term.

Who wants to buy a job for life when you can have a Maid2Clean business for life?

"Genius is 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration" (Thomas Edison). Becoming financially free with the Maid2Clean brand strategy is about following the proven Maid2Clean proprietary system including our trademarked Sweep2Left philosophy. Maid2Clean is not about creating a job for yourself, it's about working 'smart' and developing a long term residual income.

Maid2Clean is not a cleaning business. It's a white collar franchise that appeals to both sexes.

This website also contains several presentations, videos, documents that you can download and a detailed Franchise Tour.

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